Active Shooter - Defense Training & Certification

by Impact Technology Systems

active shooter - defense training & Certification

DENVER, COLORADO - June 27, 2020 -  Impact Technology Systems would like to spotlight, Defendry a valued technology partner. Defendry is currently sponsoring an active Shooter Defense E-Course for your staff and volunteers (unlimited users) at no charge.  Train and Certify Your Entire Team for Free. The course generally takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The Safehive training includes 9 professionally-produced videos, followed by an exam that provides certification for each user who passes with 85% or better. Admin users can easily manage all users and certifications in the admin portal.

Impact's experience with the Safehive training and certification is that the program is simple and fast to complete, but also high quality and informative. We feel that the Safehive training and certification* would be valuable for most organizations including small retail shops, schools, places of worship, government buildings or manufacturing plants.

The registration process is quick and automated. You will be asked for your name, email, company/organization and how you heard about the offer. Please select Defendry Authorized Partner and Impact Technology Systems for partner name. We hope you find the training valuable! The admin user that registers will receive a welcome email from Safehive with login page, username & password. A representative with Safehive will offer to answer any questions you have and show you around the platform...specifically the tools to help you distribute and track your training.  The certificates will confirm your successful completion along with your team. If you end up completing this training, let us know what you think!

*We also did want to note, the certificate states that the form of completion is not intended to be used for medical professionals. We feel that medical professionals could definitely benefit from the training, but certification doesn't apply.

  • 9 Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • Unlimited Users & Certification Exams
  • Admin Management Portal
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About SAFEHIVE and Defendry

Safehive's mission statement is to leverage technology to better care for people and cultivate a culture of safety within communities. Defendry's motivation is being on a mission to defend businesses, schools and houses of worship from active shooters. 

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About Impact and Defendry

Impact Technology Systems is an innovative technology services provider offering Security, AI, IoT, Connectivity, Unified Communications and Document Solutions. We are always looking for new technologies and managed service partners like Safehive and Defendry that are working to help protect people. For more information about Defendry and Impact, please visit us @

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