Cybersecurity defense services

DENVER, COLORADO - February 16, 2020 -  Impact Technology Systems offers organizations a full product suite of Cybersecurity solutions, including education and training to help protect you from the high cost of data breaches.   We believe that well-educated employees, customers and vendors are critical components of any comprehensive cybersecurity defense initiative, because no amount of infrastructure can protect an organization from uninformed users. The entire Cybersecurity solution suite is focused on addressing this for organizations of any size or technological sophistication.

  • Cybersecurity Education
  • Phishing Simulated
  • Cybersecurity Resource Center
  • Branded Cybersecurity Newsletter
  • Domain Protection

#1 Cause Of Data Breaches Worldwide?

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About Impact and Cybersecurity Defense Services

Impact Technology Systems is an innovative technology services provider offering clients a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to include security and compliance services, data, network, unified communications, print services and enterprise content management (ECM).  For more information about Cybersecurity Defense Services visit,

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