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DENVER, COLORADO - June 3, 2020 - Satellite internet technology is advancing rapidly. Now with speeds up to 100 Mbps down, some customers are looking to satellite as their primary internet connection and adding services like business Wi-Fi Hotspots and additional phone lines to their service. Impact Technology Systems is an authorized Viasat agent and we have organized all current Viasat Business Internet Services Plans, Pricing and Brochures for your easy reference. Upload your locations to determine speed estimates, scope of work and other details.

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Viasat Inc. is a global provider of satellite broadband and wireless service, infrastructure, and technology. They securely connect consumers, businesses, governments, and military to the internet - anywhere in the world.

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Impact is an innovative technology service provider offering clients a comprehensive suite of solutions to include connectivity, voice, video, collaboration, IoT, security and document solutions.  We help organizations in healthcare, education, government, non-profits, manufacturing and financial industries.  For more information visit us @

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