Proactive Cyber Risk Management

by Impact Technology Systems

proactive cyber risk management

DENVER, COLORADO - March 30, 2020 -  Impact Technology Systems helps businesses assess current cybersecurity risk and achieve compliance.  Companies gain visibility into their IT threat environment with dramatically streamlined Cyber Risk assessments tied to comprehensive compliance standards.  Understand what steps you need to take to reduce cyber risks, improve cyberscecurity and become more compliant in the process.

Proactive Cyber Risk Management
  • Streamlined Cyber Risk Assessments
  • Tied to Comprehensive Compliance standards
  • Develop Corrective Actions
  • Empowers You to Manage Risks
  • Stay Vigilant

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About Impact and Cyber Risk Management

Impact Technology Systems is an innovative technology services provider.  We offer a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to include dynamic cyber risk and compliance management services, cyber security training, testing, awareness phishing simulation and domain jacking/typo squatting prevention.  For more information about Cybersecurity visit us @

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