Cloud Migration Services

Cloud adoption continues to grow at a rapid pace, allowing companies like yours to benefit from robust data backup capabilities, increased scalability, enhanced collaboration between locations, and more.


  • Allows your business to easily scale bandwidth and space as needed.
  • Presents more efficient data backup and recovery, even with lost devices.
  • Increased collaboration allows teams to share files and communicate from anywhere.
  • Access to enterprise-class tech at lower costs through a pay-as-you-go (OpEx) pricing model.
  • Reduces reliance on hardware, eliminating time consuming updates and alleviating stress on IT.



Type of cloud hosting in which services are delivered over a public network. In this model, you buy off-the-shelf applications and storage. 

Best suited for businesses that do not require a customized solution, but still need somewhere to host data and documents at a lower cost.


In this cloud model, the infrastructure operates solely for your organization.

This is a more secure option that gives you greater control over your data, and is best for businesses with large IT staffs and many legacy applications.


An integrated computing model that can be an arrangement of two or more cloud servers (public, private etc.). This model requires on-premise resources and an off-site, server-based cloud infrastructure. Best for businesses that need a high level of security, but still require a public cloud environment where their customers can access data and applications.


This cloud setup is mutually shared between organizations that have common business interests.

Best for businesses with shared security compliance concerns (HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA etc.).


Unbiased Recommendations

The best aspect of buying cloud indirectly is that you have the option to assess and work with more than one carrier. When working with us, our experts will quote from a wide portfolio of carriers to match you with the right solution that will help you achieve the best business outcomes.

Greater Leverage

We have strong relationships with a wide portfolio of vendors, giving us the power to negotiate on your behalf and help you get a better deal on cloud services.

Efficient Service and Support

Instead of smashing your head against a wall directly working with carriers, we will assume this headache for you. In addition to ensuring cloud migration is seamless, we’ll manage all contracts and support agreements so you only have to roll to one point of contact for your cloud solutions.

Single Point of Contact

We serve as a responsive single point of contact for all things cloud services. If any problems with your cloud services are to arise, there is only one person you need to contact. Additionally, we’ll deliver global support, without applying any hidden costs.


One size does not fit all, and we are fully aware of that. In fact, almost all cloud deployments require some level of service integration and customization. We’ll leverage our expertise to mix and match a slew of configurations that will help you accomplish your unique business challenges.

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