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#1 cause of data breaches worldwide:  Uninformed People

What are Impact's Cybersecurity Defense Services?

Cybersecurity Training, Testing, Awareness, Phishing Simulation, And Domain Jacking/Typo Squatting Prevention

We offer your organization a full product suite of Cybersecurity solutions, including education and training to help protect you from the high cost of data breaches.  We believe that well-educated employees, customers and vendors are critical components of any comprehensive cybersecurity defense initiative, because no amount of infrastructure can protect an organization from uninformed users. The entire Cybersecurity solution suite is focused on addressing this for organizations of any size or technological sophistication.

Consider The Following:

What Does Impact's Cybersecurity Defense Program Include?

Our cost-effective cyber security solutions are easy to deploy, easy to customize, easy to use, and most importantly are highly effective.

Cybersecurity Education

It’s simple to set up your users and provide your entire organization with a more comprehensive cybersecurity training than 82 percent of all other American companies.

Completely New Cybersecurity Course Every Quarter
Automated And Detailed Reports

Phishing Simulated

Robust, Flexible Phishing Simulation
Training Assigned To Failed Phishing Tests

Cybersecurity Training Courses & Phishing Simulation

Training Includes
  • Completely automated security education solution or full custom solution
  • Randomized monthly phishing simulation emails
  • New course created every quarter with current / relevant information
  • Phishing class assigned to users that fail a phishing email
  • Admins receive a monthly statistics report email


Budgetary prices. Contact for final pricing or please select "Technology as a Service" as your payment method at check-out and Impact Technology Systems will be in touch to review all your options, apply all applicable discounts and customize a Cybersecurity Training Program for your organization.

    Cybersecurity Resource Center

    Fraud Prevention Begins With Awareness

    This Security Center allows your organization to provide both customers and employees with helpful daily articles and tips necessary to stay one step ahead of the identity thief.  It is a cost effective solution that turns your website or online portal into a comprehensive security advisor.

    Plug & Play Security Center
    Branded Cybersecurity Newsletter

    Domain Protection

    Your domain is an essential part of your brand.  Protect your brand by preventing cybercriminals from using your domain against you and your customers.  By protecting your domain, you can greatly curtail spear phishing and typo squatting attacks.

     What is Spear Phishing?

    People who receive an email with a domain that looks almost identical to your domain are far more likely to believe the email is legitimate and trust the link or attachment.

    According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, 92% of all malware infections begin with a phishing email.  Locking down all the domains similar to yours is the best way to prevent them from ever being used for nefarious reasons.

     What is Typosquatting?

    Also called Domain Jacking - is a cyberscam that relies on people mistyping a URL to land on a malicious website.  For as long as companies have been registering domain names, cybercriminals and competitors have been using this tactic to commit a wide range of scams. The two most common scams are tricking a user into downloading malware and to stealing a user’s credential when they believe they’re logging into your site.

    Why you need Impact's Domain Protection Program:

    Monitoring domains will only alert you that a domain similar to yours has been purchased, possibly for malicious intent.  Owning the domains prevents them from ever being available.  Our Domain Protection Program uses a proprietary algorithm that identifies a wide variety of typo and look alike domains, purchases them in seconds, and ensures that if a user mistypes one of these domains, they still end up at your website. Management of one or many domains is simple.

    Domain Protection Program Features:
    Additional Benefits

    Very Real Security Threats

    Ensures that every employee, from senior executives down to the clerical staff, is aware of the serious cyber threats with which your organization is constantly faced.


    It makes buying and implementing best-in-breed cybersecurity awareness, education, and training as easy as buying anti-virus software.

    Most Up-To-Date ybersecurity Training on the Market

    Everything we issue, from monthly phishing emails to quarterly education courses, is based on the latest cybersecurity measures and countermeasures.

    Check out how simple it is for Impact's Cybersecurity Program to help your business!

    We're ready to start improving your Cybersecurity Defenses.  Contact us today!


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