Hardware as a Service



New Technology. No Hassle.

One Invoice

Receive just one invoice for all your technology and services.

Tech Refresh

Keep your technology up-to-date with regular refreshes.


Rely on a fixed monthly spend for your technology and support.

Preserve Cash

Use your cash for activities that will drive value back into your business.

What if you could integrate the latest technology into your business processes and have it maintained without the upfront financial burden of purchasing brand new equipment?  With our Hardware as a Rental Program, you have one fixed investment and a Total IT solution that is fully supported. 

here's why customers like our program:

Predictable Budget

Every month, you can expect a fixed monthly spend for your technology and support.  No hidden extras.  No nickel-and-dime invoices.


We’ll bring your technology environment up-to-date, and keep it top-notch with regular audits.  When your technology needs updating, usually around the third year, we’ll do a refresh without a major impact to your monthly spend.

Improved Security

Outdated hardware and software could leave you open to security threats.  New IT Hardware typically means better security reducing potential downtime caused from network infiltration.

Impact Technology Systems also offers standard financing programs to help you acquire technology with a monthly payment.


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