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Managed Vendor Services Program.

Frees You to Focus on Running Your Business - Not Your Vendors

What is Managed Vendor Services?

Quite possibility our most popular cost-saving service.  We manage your Vendor relationships, freeing you to focus on running your business.  All Telecom, Voice, Data, Cloud, Document & Print Management, Hardware & Maintenance, Lease Agreements, Extended Warranty and IT Vendor Support Contracts are included in our Managed Vendor Services Program.

Why Managed Vendor Services is Right for Your Business: 

  • Visibility into your complete Managed Technology Spend. 
  • Staff hours managing vendors each month and productivity lost can be redirected to strategic initiatives.
  • Audit for technology assets that are no longer in service or underutilized, thereby saving you money.
  • Creates a higher level of service, support and improves your business growth objectives.
  • Streamlines your current vendors, reduces costs and focuses on the technology partners that will drive your business.

What Does Impact's Managed Vendor Service Program Include?

Assessment (Audit & Recovery Services)

Establish Scope

You select the technology services below to be included in your custom Managed Vendor Services Program.  Impact will assess your technology infrastructure in any/all of the following areas:

Telecom and Cloud Services
Document Management Services
Network Services

Baseline Current State

Impact will baseline your current technology usage and cost.  Impact Auditing Specialists will review all your current vendor technology agreements included in the discovery.

We collect your data points using both automated diagnostic application tools and manually review contracts, invoices and validate accuracy with a physical walk-through.

A comprehensive and accurate cost breakdown will be provided. 

Want to bring visibility to your technology spend?
With audit services, you will receive an independent, contingency-based audit designed to reduce expenditures, verify contract compliance, recover erroneous billing, and generate savings through contract negotiations.

Contract Management

Why can Contract Management be a Challenge?

Organize Vendor Contracts

Impact will establish and configure a contract management system around the vendors included in your Technology Assessment.  We will organize and archive all your current vendor contracts in a contract management repository.

Identify Vendor Contract Terms & Conditions

Impact will identify and map your technology vendor agreements across a multi-point contract terms & conditions worksheet.  We schedule notifications and alerts for all your technology vendors included in the assessment.

Keep track of all contracts
Get reminders on time

Asset & Expense Management

Evaluate Technology Performance & Value

At this point, Impact Technology Systems has assessed your current technology and loaded your current vendors in the Contract Management Portal.  Next we will share a complete breakdown of all your technology assets, costs, vendor contract details and validate with your organization.

360 Degree View
Benchmark Technology

Technology Sourcing & Management

Benefit From Optimizing Your Managed Technology Services

We evaluate your current services, costs and contract terms with other vendors' benchmark price quotes and competitively awarded contracts.  Together we identify the strategic business partners that are key to supporting your organization's growth initiatives.

Example of How you benefit working with an Impact Technology Advisor and our Technology Sourcing & Management Program...

Additional Benefits

Cost Reduction

Re-direct cost reductions to strategic business initiatives.


Automating business processes creates consistency and improves productivity.

Stay compliant

All your files and documents safely archived, making it easier to comply with data retention policies.

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