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Provide remote workers with reliable communications and application performance.

Make sure your remote team members can reliably connect to their everyday business tools, as they work from home, without worry or poor performance. Use Bigleaf Home Office to keep non-business web traffic, such as streaming video and gaming, and less reliable residential Internet connections from impacting your business communications and applications. Bigleaf Home Office is great or home office uses who rely on Internet-based phone calls, video conferences, SaaS applications like Office 365 and who connect to their corporate office using their VPN. Based on Bigleaf’s SD-WAN technology for business sites, Bigleaf Home Office optimizes the traditional home Internet set up to auto-detect the needs of your business’ applications and existing network conditions. Then it intelligently adapts traffic in real-time to ensure uninterrupted uptime and continued productivity. Whether you are connecting one home office or several, Bigleaf makes it easy with simple on-site installation and intelligent hands-off operations to deliver high-quality and reliable Internet connectivity.