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Door / Window - Open / Close Sensor - Netvox

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General Description

NETVOX Wireless Door / Window Sensor can be used to detect when a door or window is opened and closed using a magnetic switch.
• Detects when a door or window is accessed.
• Uses magnetic detection switch.

Principle of Operation

NETVOX Wireless Door / Window Sensor is a magnetic contact sensor available to detect opening or closure of doors and windows. The radio transmission is based on the new disruptive LoRa long-range technology. R311A will transmit information and data to the server from openings and closings of doors, windows, gates, etc based on the desired behavior. The low battery consumption device is long-lasting which ensures optimum usage. Thanks to small sizes, they can be installed everywhere. They are wireless so they take up minimal floor space. The transmission is direct to a central center that can be programmed to trigger an alarm system. Thanks to innovation, these wireless sensors are more reliable and precise and they can detect several applications.

Example Applications

• Commercial property door and window access
• Residential property door and window access
• Bank owned for closure properties access monitoring
• Restricted area monitoring
• IT server rooms and closets
• Freezer and cooler doors
• Shipping cargo bay door monitoring
• Garage door monitoring

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Door / Window - Open / Close Sensor Specs

* Monthly Technology as a Service price option includes 24/7 Monitoring & Alert Services.  Prices are for self-installation. Professional installation is available upon request at an additional cost. Gateway is required at an additional cost.