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Wireless Occupancy / Light / Temperature Sensor - Netvox

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General Description

Netvox RB11E is a long-distance wireless infrared device based on the LoRaWAN protocol (Class A). RB11E combines infrared detection, temperature, and illumination sensors. During infrared real-time detection, if a person or other organism which is active in the monitoring area, RB11E will detect the infrared signal and report status information to the gateway. Users can execute different instructions or scenes according to the different status configuration. RB11E also supports temperature, lighting report.

Principle of Operation

If someone or animal is moving in the monitoring area, RB11E will detect the infrared signal and the red indicator will flash once. In the mean time, it reports occupied status (at the same time, other sensor status value are also reported). RB11E is able to read temperature and illumination over the LoRaWAN network, mainly used to detect the temperature and illumination of the indoor environment, which through the wireless network communication module to collect the data sent to other devices displayed.

Example Applications

• Area access monitoring
• Detect when people enter a room
• Building automation
• Condition monitoring
• Predictive maintenance
• Security, healthcare and many more use cases.

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Wireless Occupancy/Light/Temperature Sensor Specs

* Monthly Technology as a Service price option includes 24/7 Monitoring & Alert Services.  Prices are for self-installation. Professional installation is available upon request at an additional cost. Gateway is required at an additional cost.