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Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor | Netvox

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General Description

NETVOX Wireless Sensor R711 is capable to measure temperature and humidity of the indoor air.

Principle of Operation

Netvox R711, mainly used to detect the temperature and humidity of the indoor air, which through the wireless network communication module to collect the data sent to other devices displayed.

Thanks to small sizes, they can be installed everywhere. They are wireless so they take up minimal floor space. The transmission is direct to a central center that can be programmed to trigger an alarm system. Thanks to innovation, these wireless sensors are more reliable and precise and they can detect several applications.

Example Applications

• Warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring
• Summer/winter (vacation) property monitoring
• HVAC system monitoring to detect failures or heating/cooling issues
• Heat remediation of bed bugs (extermination)
• Server room temperature and humidity monitoring
• Greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring
• Art gallery and museum environment monitoring

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Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor Specs

* Monthly Technology as a Service price option includes 24/7 Monitoring & Alert Services.  Prices are for self-installation. Professional installation is available upon request at an additional cost. Gateway is required at an additional cost.